If you’ve been keeping up on our latest blogs (like you should be), you would have read the wonderful blog Angelina wrote a few weeks ago about the importance of an investor marketing audit. I’m not going to go too deeply into that blog because I’m assuming you all already read it (like you should have). One part I did want to dig a bit deeper into, is….


Ok, maybe that was a bit excessive, but you get the point. When putting together your investor marketing audit, readability is one of the first things we check because it’s one of the first things someone will notice when going on your website. Your website is your biggest piece of real estate, it’s where you control the message, but if people can’t understand that message, they aren’t going to stay very long.

Flesch Kincaid readability test

“Research has shown that much money is wasted by companies in making texts hard for the average reader to read.” That quote comes from the Wikipedia on ‘readability’ and our research shows the same. One of the best tests out there to really show the readability of your website is called a “Flesch Kincaid readability test”. There is a Flesch Kincaid grade level test, which uses a formula to determine the U.S. grade level that your text is at. Since the average American reads at between a 7th and 9th-grade level, keeping your text in that range will help you get the most out of what you write.

Website layout

When it comes to your website, if you really want to engage investors, readability is so much more than the words you write. Readability can be the colors you use, the style of font you chose, or simply everything being put where people expect to find it. For example, Can they find your menu? When they find your menu, can they clearly understand what each menu option represents? And finally, when they arrive at that page, does it clearly display what the user was expecting to see when they clicked it? This is all readability and can make a huge difference when it comes to investors spending or not spending money on your company.

P.S. This blog scored 9th-grade level on the Flesch Kincaid grade level test. Perfectly readable by all average Americans.


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