Jason is hard working, honest and very knowledgeable. He has been an asset to me and would be one to anyone he works with.

Tom M.

I would like to recommend Jason Hilton. He worked with my company which included a combination of investment marketing strategies, testing, social media presence, and video design/implementation. Jason was an asset to our organization and he would be an asset to any client requesting his service.

Brian B.

The team at Hilton Advisory really understands the mental and emotional steps an individual investor goes through during the investment decision process. 

Unlike IR sites produced by other companies, which are kind of an “information dump” for the investor to sift through, the Hilton team builds a more engaging kind of site…one that takes the investor down a guided path.  Almost like they have a tour-guide.  In most younger companies like NightFood, the numbers can never tell the full story.   Only by understanding the compelling elements of a company…their vision, their market, and what kind of value the company might have if and when they execute their plan…only then can a micro-cap investor make a confident buy-and-hold decision.  In my opinion, this is where the Hilton team excels.

Sean F.