If you want to understand SEO ask yourself one question. “How do you find anything online?”

Go to google or bing and type a few words in the search bar, right?

There were more than a trillion searches performed in 2016 on Google alone.

  • That’s 100 billion searches a month
  • That’s 3 billion searches a day.

As more web pages are created, competition for the investor’s attention gets tougher.  If you aren’t coming up when people are performing those searches you’re not going to be found.

There are 165 million investors in the US alone, all of them have internet access.

You want them to find you, make it easy for them.

If you’re not on page 1, investors won’t find you.

Chitika Insights estimates that:

  • Sites on the first page of Google generate 92% of all clicks
  • The first result on page one receives 33% of clicks
  • That means 1/3 of the time, people won’t click anything except the top result

And how do you get to the top? Good SEO.

SEO leads to discoverability.

Investors aren’t simply getting ideas and research from their brokers anymore.  Investors looking for information go online to find it.

If your site isn’t optimized search engines will not display it and if investors don’t find you on the first page, you are pretty much invisible. In fact, results that aren’t in the first 3-5 spots on a search page will receive fewer than 5% of all clicks on a given search.

SEO leads to higher traffic.

A great piece of SEO optimized content can attract visitors to your site for years. Organic search is a powerful tool.  When investors find your company in a search, they feel empowered.  This is a stronger connection than you can achieve by reaching out to investors.  An added bonus is that these investors are looking to make an investment now, and if they find your company in a search for an investment opportunity the chances they will act are extremely good.

SEO starts with keyword research

Any effective SEO strategy begins with keyword research.  Think of it as a roadmap to search engine success.  If you would like a free SEO Analysis with Keyword Research, contact sean@hiltonadvisory.com.