Earned Media, as described in an article by HubSpot, is “any publicity you haven’t paid for that’s owned and created by a third party.”

Which can be pretty cost effective in the case of the typical tight budgeted small public company.

This has been a topic of ours here at Hilton Advisory for some time now. Every day we see press releases (PR) go out for public companies without any sort of strategy in place to be seen, but more importantly to be seen by the intended audience.

The intended audience, in the case of a public company, is often investors. Secondarily, if the press picks it up then even better. Right?


Let me explain.

The press are influencers, and they have an influence over a large amount of their reader base. You would be able to get you far more attention to your company if they are included than if you don’t address them in a meaningful way.

Let’s be honest. When most companies, especially small-cap and emerging companies put out a press release, they are not really getting any press coverage. Sometimes no reaction in the market at all. Sound familiar?

Most of the time this is because there are so many press releases out on a daily basis that the media and investors are flooded with options one right after another. In the case of investors, they are getting all kinds of information overload that they can’t be sure if they can trust or not, like emails, texts, Facebook notifications, tweets, PR, alerts and it’s all day long.

Most journalists are on strict deadlines and rushing to get pieces done and in. So they usually run with the low hanging fruit. It’s hard to decipher and sift through all the news releases to find the one that might be the diamond in the rough like yours. Right?

Here is the one simple way to change all that and get the attention you need.

Target specific journalists either by geography, writing preferences, sector, focus…you name it. Actually, take the time to send your press release to these journalists with story ideas and then follow up with them a couple of days later. This is building a rapport, a relationship that could foster some serious press coverage.

Cision, who now owns PR Newswire has done studies to show the value of earned media. Anthony Hardman, a senior content editor for Cision, said in a recent blog “Measuring The Value of Earned Media”;

”Earned media is particularly well suited to solve two critical problems that marketers face:

  • “Difficulty identifying and engaging with right prospects at the right time.”
  • “Maximizing pre-qualification of prospects”

With earned media, influencers lend their credibility, which encourages others to convert. Earned media connects with the right prospects because the prospects themselves are seeking information and purchase validation when they are actively in the market for a product or solution, which inherently provides pre-qualification of an influencer’s audience.”

That is why we have a database of over 1.2 million influencers and journalists available to our partners in our campaigns!

Remember, you have a far better chance of getting a response with the markets by reaching an influencer that gets you earned media than an individual investor or two, that gets you a trade or two.


Contact me, Jason Hilton, to learn more or to get started on a new campaign, 929.445.8667.