The Investor Conversion Optimization Process


Understanding investors and the journey they go through


Our Investor Conversion Optimization Process is intended to help you attract and retain more shareholders, increase your stock’s liquidity, and compete for capital at the absolute highest level.

It’s important to understand the steps an investor goes through in their decision-making process. We partner with companies who need help in all four steps, and we partner with companies who sometimes need help in just one or two steps. Our team will guide you through each of the four steps in the Investor Conversion Optimization Process that bring the investor along their journey, why they are important, how they are accomplished, and how we can investor conversion optimize them.


What is The Investor’s Journey?

The Investor’s Journey is a five step journey that shareholders go through when making investment decisions.



  • If they don’t know about you, they are a stranger.


  • They’ve heard about you and are interested enough to look into you.


  • They like what they see and want to research your company to decide whether or not to invest.


  • They feel confident that your company is a good investment so they commit.


  • They believe in your company and want to share your story with everyone they know. They are your biggest fan.



What is The Investor Conversion Optimization Process?

The Investor Conversion Optimization Process is a four step process that brings investors along their journey every step of the way. Our team will not only help you turn strangers into stakeholders, we will teach you how to do it yourself!


Investor Conversion Optimization Process


Each of the steps, Attract, Engage, Convince, Convert, all have specific strategies and tactics to implement in order to be successful. If you would like to schedule a Discovery Call with us to walk through each of the steps and how they can help your company, send us a message.