Inbound Tier 2 Package


3 month minimum contract

*Effective September 2017

Plan FeatureDescriptionIncluded in Plan
KeywordsThe number of keywords that we use to optimize your website.Up to 50
Keyword FinderUse our keyword discovery tool to find relevant keywords for your customers. Build a bundle of keywords that fits your budget.Yes
Keyword MapperOur keyword mapping tool allows you to specify the target page for each of the keywords you have specified.Yes
Topic KeywordsImproving traffic from target keywords is the ultimate goal of the campaign. Topic keywords are related long-tail keywords that can be used for on-site blogging and content marketing. Our software helps you find and manage this list.Yes
Onsite ReportOur SEO Analysts will review your website and make specific recommendations to optimize existing pages for your target keywords. Recommendations in title, description, keyword density, internal linking and rich snippet markup.Up to 40 pages
Conversion ReportOur SEO Analyst team will review your website and make recommendations to improve the conversion rate and ability to track conversions. Recommendations include a review of the call to action, website analytics setup, web to lead, phone tracking and overall website design.Yes
Onsite ImplementationOur expert web development team will implement the actionable recommendations in your onsite report. This includes page updates and some conversion optimization recommendations.Up to 40 pages
Backlink Anchor Text ScreenUse third party data to analyze the anchor text ratio of keyword rich anchor text. If ratio of keyword rich anchor text is higher than brand determine if further analysis is required.Yes
Schema.orgSEO Analysts will review website for markup options. This includes location, product, review and video markup.Yes
Website Copy EditsSEO Analysts will make edits to website copy to include targeted keywords. This service is for existing website copy. New copy creation is not included.Up to 12 pages
Web-to-Lead SetupSetup a web-to-lead form that collects your important lead data and provides sales analytics.Yes
Phone TrackingUse our phone tracking service to track phone calls to a website. Get a better understanding of your online marketing performance. All programs include a credit towards the phone tracking service.Yes
Google My BusinessSets up and optimizes your Google My Business profile.Yes
Yext PowerListing50+ Listings including Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook and Foursquare.Yes
Ongoing UpdatesOffers/Local Updates posted on Google My Business and Yext PowerListing when requested.Yes
Ongoing UpdatesUpdate business content (video, phone, etc..) when requested.Yes
Review MonitoringAggregate reviews from selected sites in dashboard software for user review.Yes
ConsultingReview investor facing material and provide consulting services on how to move the investor through the ICO process.Yes
Press OutreachMake press introductions and provide highly targeted emails to journalists.Yes
Recurring Content
Onsite BlogFresh content on a website is an important part of engaging the target audience. Our premium writing team will create compelling blog posts about the topics you select. Our team can publish the content on your behalf or just let you know when it is ready for you to post.3
ArticlesIn addition to creating compelling content on a website, our writing team develops informational articles about the topics you select. Each article is unique content. We never spin or reuse content. All writers are graded for quality and reliability by our editor.11
Visual Asset for Onsite BlogOur graphic design team creates a visual asset to complement the onsite blog post it accompanies. These visual assets will highlight a key fact or idea of the onsite post. The visual asset will be posted at the same time as the onsite post.3
Featured NewsOur premium writer team works to include you in the news cycle. Our news desk identifies relevant publishers and creates news stories that include your research facts in the story.2
Post Blog on WebsiteOur team will post the onsite blog content to your website. Our team will include a stock image in the post.3
Article SyndicationThe articles the writing team creates are placed on category or news related sites. These sites attract an audience seeking information on the article topics. Search engines also discover this information and include them in their index.11
Twitter SharingWe share your content on twitter and look for retweets and other sharing.33
Featured NewsEach featured news story is distributed to a relevant publishing partner.2
Visual Asset PlacementOur team places your Visual Asset in the related onsite blog.3