How to Engage Investors


Moving from Interested to Researcher


Why engage?

The next step in the Investor Conversion Optimization Process after “how to attract investors is the “how to engage investors” step. Once someone is interested you need to make sure they stay interested enough to research (and eventually invest). When someone begins researching a company they naturally become more emotionally invested and are more likely to invest.


How to Engage Investors

Whether they go to your website or search you in Google after learning about your company what they find needs to show you’re credible and worth researching further. Besides a few firms who design IR websites, there is not much being done to specifically handle the how to engage investors step, and even the current IR website firms don’t necessarily take this step into account.


Investor Conversion Optimized Solutions for Step Two


Investor Optimized Website

  • Depending on your current web design this may either mean complete website redesign or just IR page optimization
  • If your company’s clients are attracted or frequently visit your website, consider a separate IR or Corporate website
  • If you’re a company that doesn’t use its website for clients (i.e.mining) consider optimizing your entire website
  • Make your website look beautiful. It will automatically add some credibility and visually excite the visitor.
  • Make it easy for any visitor to quickly identify “who you are, what you do, and what makes you great?”.
  • Make it easy to navigate
  • Optimize the website to convert visitors into investors


Inbound IR Strategy

If you are using an Inbound IR strategy there will be a ton of confidence building content around the web for investors to find when they Google you. Think about it…when you Google a company do you want to just see their website and several links to their latest news? Or do you like to find a ton of content from all over the place talking about how great the company is?

This is a complete strategy that includes blogging, SEO, analytics, PR optimization, corporate video, industry articles, media outreach, social media and more.


Corporate Video

  • Videos are engaging pieces of content
  • An awesome video is an automatic credibility builder
  • You can put it on your front page
  • Searchers can find it on Google
  • People are 48% more likely to buy a product after learning about it via video, your stock is essentially a product and investors are more likely to buy it after watching your video.



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