How to Convince Investors


Moving from Researcher to Shareholder

Why Convince?

The third step in the Investor Conversion Optimization Process is “how to convince investors”. Our research shows that for every 1000 investors that become interested in a company, only 25 invest. Moving the investor from the how to engage investors stage to this stage takes more work and time. It’s not enough to just interest an investor, you need to make it as easy as possible to successfully complete their research process so that they can become a shareholder. Our goal is to convert the majority of shareholders that generally bounce.


How to Convince Investors

The “how to convince investors” step has overlap with the “how to engage investors” step; this is because generally once someone is engaged they will immediately begin their research. The key to convincing an interested investor into becoming a committed shareholder is by eliminating any roadblocks that may impede their research and evaluation process. Here are a couple of current IR tactics that are used for this step:

  • IR Website
  • Financials
  • Press Releases
  • One on One Meetings
  • Tear Sheets
  • Sell Side Research
  • Presentations (Powerpoint, Slideshare)
  • Balance Sheets
  • Management Bios  


Investor Conversion Optimized Solutions for Step Three

These methods are tried and true, but there are several ways to make this phase more efficient by either improving current methods, or applying some new strategies.


IR Website

  • After you’ve considered the website suggestions to ‘engage’ investors you need to consider how it will affect their research and evaluation phase.
  • Make sure they can easily find ‘who you are, what you do, and what makes you great’
  • Don’t just put up your charts, financials, and news on the IR page
  • Begin with a message from the CEO, have a brief paragraph on your value proposition and include video, infographics, and other media to draw attention and tell your story
  • Make sure investors visiting your page don’t have to think too hard about where to go, create a simple, intuitive navigational strategy.
  • Create calls to action, such as links to every online broker that allows your visitors to easily access their broker if they’re ready to invest!



  • Make sure when they click your financials they are still on your website, whether that means housing them on your server, or opening the link in a new window, you want them to stay on your site where you control the message.


Press Releases

  • Add photos or videos to increase your view rates
  • Write attention grabbing headlines
  • Write the release to increase comprehension
  • Provide context to “why this release matters”
  • Lead investors back to your site


One on One Meetings

  • Not every investor will have the ability to set up a one on one, so make sure your website conveys your story so well that it’s just as effective as a one on one.
  • Practice your pitch
  • Include competitor comparisons, to save them a step of research.
  • Ask for feedback shortly after they’ve made their decision…if they invested, what worked with your presentation? If they didn’t, what didn’t work?
  • Explain the four step IR strategy you are using so they know you will be continually attracting new shareholders. Even though they are currently a part of the process they will respect and admire your commitment to building shareholder value.


Tear Sheets

  • Have a beautiful design
  • Highlight the best parts
  • Don’t hide the worst


Sell Side Research

  • Follow the suggestions in step one and you will have plenty of sell side coverage.
  • If you don’t have it yet, pay for a report, but make sure it’s done with no bias so the investor can trust it. One way to achieve this is paying to present at SeeThruEquity’s conference.
  • House a link on your IR page so investors don’t miss it and you can keep them on your website.



  • More pictures, fewer words
  • 14 slides are ideal, if you can’t convey your value in 14 slides, you’re trying too hard.
  • Share presentations on Slideshare because it’s one of the highest engagement social platforms
  • Include the option to watch a video with voiceover on the slideshow to drive the points home. Include notes in the Slideshare version.


Balance Sheets

  • Institutions love these and know how to read them well, some individual investors, however, aren’t as skilled at seeing the value in balance sheets.
  • Create a press release detailing the highlights of each balance sheet, explaining both good and bad developments.
  • A press release should be the first thing an investor reads before opening the balance sheet.


Management Bios

  • Investors want to know who they are investing in
  • Include pictures and a short introductory video
  • Include your achievements and why they are significant and relate them to how they’ll help you be successful with your company
  • Include some personal information so they can really get to know you and not just your resume

Inbound IR

If someone doesn’t visit your site, they will search you on Google and need to find confidence building content. Here’s our breakdown of Inbound IR:

Corporate Newsletter

  • Not everyone will be ready to invest after researching, even if they like what they see.
  • Make sure you are including newsletter signup “Calls to Action” throughout your website so that you can either keep someone on the fence informed on your progress or remind someone interested that they should invest.
  • Corporate newsletters help connect with current holders


Investors Help Desk

Do you ever see those awesome “How can I help you?” chat boxes you find on websites that allow people to ask questions immediately to a live person? That’s an Investors Help Desk. Having someone available or at the very least an automated system ready to quickly answer questions for someone in the research phase may help significantly increase your investor conversion rates.


Connect Events

Do you have a bunch of brokers and institutions interested but not sure how to get them over the hump? Connect events will give them that extra push. Depending on what the CEO’s interests are, we can create a fun event that we can invite these institutions and brokers to in order to get to know the CEO as a person and build a true relationship. Some examples include:

  • Fishing trips
  • Luxury box rental at a game
  • PGA tour tent rental
  • Other fun excursions

This is particularly helpful for Microcap CEOs trying to convince local institutions and brokers to follow him.



  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it
  • Develop a system for calculating your investor conversion rates and shareholder acquisition cost
  • Track your conversions on every different class of investor as well as media sources. This will allow you to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


To learn more Investor Conversion Optimized solutions for convincing investors, contact us at 929.445.8667.