“ENGAGE” is the action verb of all action verbs. It’s the big daddy of verbs. It’s what separates all the men verbs from the boy verbs.

You can do all kinds of things in your business. You can type a proposal, build a website, a brochure, or even create a PowerPoint presentation. That’s all well and good. Great actually. But the real goal is to engage — and you haven’t succeeded until you do.

You can converse, propose, speak, show, present, sing, dance, whatever…fill in the blank. But if you don’t engage with them, what’s it all good for? You’re just another pitch, taking up someone’s time. Believe me, there are plenty of other pitches to get through.

What’s more powerful than engaging someone?  Shareholder engagement doesn’t just mean getting people to hear or read your message in an email, it means getting them to respond to it in some way—whether it means buying your stock or having them actively inquire about it.

When you have a solid level of shareholder engagement you also know you did everything you could. It makes it easier to connect with investors and connections lead to commitment. Committed shareholders mean less volatility. They become ambassadors. You have less activist investors. With all that, you have better bargaining power when competing for capital.

It’s truly a winning strategy.

Let’s go over some quick tips to show you how to use shareholder engagement and measure it.

Stop being so “black & white”. Use visuals

  • You can increase investor willingness to read a piece of content by up to 80% just by adding colored visuals. That includes press releases. Source
  • In the survey conducted by Forbes, senior executives indicated that online video has an impact on behaviors and choices. For example, 65% have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video, and 53% have conducted a search to locate more information.
  • Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017. Cisco

Connect with investors. Emotion sells.

  • Use social media. Recently, Jay Baer President of Convince & Convert reported in a study that “53% of Americans who follow you in social media are more loyal to those brands”. What’s better than loyalty in an investor? They will stick with you through thick and thin and even tell their friends and family about you. They will buy your products or services. They will recommend your product or service. Get social.
  • Blogging is one the best ways to connect with investors on so many levels. It can give you so many options. One is you can add extra commentary to press releases. You can start a CEO blog that helps investors see and connect with the real people who run the company. They can get an inside look at the passion you have. You can then create connections and build trust. Not to mention it helps you get found in search engines, which helps drive more investors to you. For more great reason read our previous blog post “8 Reasons To Start A CEO Blog” by Sean Dougherty.

Through thought leadership, blog posting, article writing, press releases and on-site optimization we keep interested investors excited and engaged in your message. This not only builds confident and committed shareholders but it also creates ambassadors. Your website is truly the only place where you can control 100% of the message. Make it count!