If done correctly, putting out a press release can have a huge benefit in a number of different areas. It can build confidence in your brand and create thought leadership, add backlinks creating strong SEO for your website, and obviously REACH THE PRESS. Sadly, most press releases I find don’t seem to be written with any of these things in mind. Here are 8 tips to get the most out of your press release:


  • Newsworthy Subject: Let’s start with what I think should be the most obvious, but most often overlooked. As our co-founder Jason Hilton mentioned in a recent blog post, it’s a PRESS release, not a PEOPLE release. You want your press release to be something that a journalist would want to pick up and write about. Are you the first to do something? Do you have the biggest of something? Do you have something going on in the company that is relevant to something else that is big in the news right now?
  • Eye Catching Title: Whether it be a blockbuster hit movie or a New York Times best-selling novel, the first thing people will see is its title. An eye-catching title can be the difference between a gigantic success and a complete waste of money.  One useful tip is adding numbers where possible, they have been proven to draw more opens than their numberless counterparts.
  • First Paragraph: If you’ve crafted an eye-catching title, the next step is the perfect first paragraph. The title draws them in, but the lead paragraph has to be enough to keep them interested and want to read more. The who, what, when, where, why, and how will be important here.  Also, be sure not to try and fit too much in this paragraph.  It should be easy to read, and enough to make them want to know more.
  • Relevant Quotes: Quotes from inside your company can place you as a thought leader and quotes from an expert in your field can build confidence in your message and in your company. So either way, you’re going to want relevant quotes in any press release.
  • Write So Anyone Can Understand: It may require 8 years of college to work in your field, but not everyone is in your field. If you want a journalist to write about your story and your company, you have to write your press releases so that anyone can understand them.
  • Multimedia: According to PR Newswire, adding multimedia to your press release increases traffic up to 970%. Enough said.
  • Boilerplate: Wikipedia says that a boilerplate is “any written text that can be reused in new contexts or applications without being changed much from the original.” And in a press release, it is the last paragraph of the release that provides a brief overview of what your company does. The same boilerplate is typically used on the end of every press release the company puts out.  This is important information for any journalist looking to potentially write about you.
  • Contact Information: If a journalist or anyone else wants to contact your company, it’s important to have the right person listed on all press releases. The point of contact should be someone who is prepared with all of the correct information to handle all inquiries. Don’t forget to include their phone number and email address. More ways to contact, more chance your story will be picked up.


At the end of the day, if you want your press releases to get more traction you need to think about all the ways you can help it along.

Stop wasting time and money on press releases. Use these 8 tips and thank me later at Colin@hiltonadvisory.com.