What investor relations professionals can learn from Fearless Girl

Fearless Girl has been all over the news in recent weeks.  Ever since the statue depicting a defiant little girl standing face to face with the iconic “Charging Bull” statue was placed in Bowling Green in Manhattan’s Financial District, it has become a hot button issue.  Some have argued the statue unfairly owes its power largely to the “Charging Bull”, taking power from the piece of guerilla art that itself was quite controversial in its day; the counter argument being that it is a testament to the rising power of the female in the boardroom and any pushback is from a patriarchal establishment that is trying to rally against gender equality.

I’m not here to argue either point.

There is one thing I know for sure, Fearless Girl is an amazing investor marketing campaign.

How Fearless Girl attracts investors

When the statue was installed on March 7, 2017—the day before International Women’s Day—it had a plaque beneath its feet stating “Know the power of women in leadership.  SHE makes a difference.”

fearless-girl-plaqueThe word SHE is not capitalized to highlight the word, but rather to represent the ticker symbol for State Street Global Advisors’ Gender Diversity Index fund that  “invests in U.S. large-capitalization companies that rank among the highest in their sector in achieving gender diversity across senior leadership”.

Pretty clever right?  McCann New York, the advertising agency who created the campaign thought so too.

If increasing awareness and improving liquidity in the fund was their goal, boy (or should I say girl?) did it work.  The SHE ETF has received $3.2 million in new inflows since March alone, half of its total inflows in 2017 so far. The fund currently has about $286 million in overall assets.

What you can learn from Fearless Girl

When investor marketing, creativity can not be understated.  In fact, it’s one of our core values at Hilton Advisory.  Fearless Girl is an example of using outside the box thinking to attract investors.

Whether you’re an issuer or service provider, trying to attract investors to your stock or Regulation A+ offering, in a climate where investor attention is at a premium, cookie cutter awareness campaigns will not get the job done.

Leverage your assets

Fearless Girl leveraged the fact that they are a gender index fund and in a time where women are fighting fiercely for equality in the workplace they knew their was a ton of potential in creating this statue.  

Think of what your unique selling point may be, then figure out how you can best leverage that to get in front of the largest audience you can.  Think like an advertiser or a marketer, that’s how you get the investor attention.

If you would like to learn more about options for creating your own viral investor marketing campaign, feel free to email me at sean@hiltonadvisory.com; or give us a call at 929-445-8667.