Equity Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding IPO, or Reg A+ as it is more commonly referred to is all the rage on the markets.  For good reason.

Crowdfunding itself started with companies like Kickstarter and Indie GoGo.  It gained popularity because it finally gave the general public a chance to ‘invest’ in something that was just an idea.

We put ‘invest’ in quotes because through these platforms, at most these investors would get the product in question.

Until the advent of equity crowdfunding.  The JOBS Act allowed for companies to generally solicit their IPOs, previously this was a privilege only bestowed upon institutional investors and the like.

When doing traditional IPOs the marketing aspect was and is very much a face to face style of marketing.

When Reg A+ crowdfunding, the marketing is very different.

This is how Hilton Advisory can help.  Even before the advent of equity crowdfunding, owners Jason Hilton and Sean Dougherty were mastering the use of traditional digital marketing tactics to reach retail investors for growth companies on the OTC markets.

This is why Hilton Advisory is your best bet for marketing to investors for your Reg A+ offerings. While other groups who have been entering the space are sharp at traditional digital marketing, they do not have general experience in securing actual investors.

Hilton Advisory, thinks like a digital marketing agency but is very much specialized in reaching investors.This experience is what separates us and will help you achieve success in your equity crowdfunding efforts.