Earned Media is Pivotal to Regulation A+ Raises.

When people start planning their Regulation A+ marketing campaigns, all I hear about are different high-cost advertising strategies.  While those strategies are part of it, the most valuable marketing tactic in Regulation A+ is earned media marketing.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with earned media marketing we have a whole rundown on the subject here.  Essentially, it is anything you do to gain organic coverage.

Now most lawyers and underwriters for these A+ deals understand that companies with affinity audiences are easier to get done because those audiences are likely to invest and share the opportunity with friends, adding a viral component without much marketing budget spent.

Leveraging these audiences usually doesn’t take much and changes a bit depending on how you reach your current and potential customers.

However, you don’t need a built-in affinity audience to generate earned media for your Regulation A+ campaign.

An investor targeted PR strategy can also get your crowdfunded capital raise to go viral.

It’s pretty simple, brainstorm with your entire team what uniques your company has, and how it fits into the current news climate.

From there decide what outlets potential investors view that would be likely to write a story about you.

Finally, leverage whatever means you have to pitch the story.

Keep at this continuously throughout your campaign, and repeat with as many ideas as you can.

If you are looking for a group to help streamline this process, you can certainly give us a call.

Just know that organic earned media is an absolutely essential and I’d say a downright pivotal piece of any Regulation A+ capital raise.