Earned Media

We get you in front of specialized journalists and influencers

Earned Media is far more powerful than paid media.

According to research from eMarketer, 75% of brands say that identifying the right influencers is the biggest challenge to doing earned media campaigns the right way.

At Hilton Advisory, we have put together an outreach program that will get your company earned media, and in front of investors without the skepticism that comes with paid media.

We have access to a database of hundreds of thousands of journalists, contributors, and influencers– based on your company we send potential story ideas to the people most likely to write about your company.

Because content is king, these influencers are constantly under pressure to create content as quickly as possible.

By crafting the outline for a story we lay a great opportunity on a platter for these writers and make it more likely for your story to get covered.

  • We pitch up to 8 stories per month.
  • You receive full analytics on how many are sent, read, and how many stories are written.
  • We can target writers based on location, subjects they cover, publications they work for etc.

This allows us to create campaigns that get you the kind of coverage your competitors only dream of, confidence building content that makes a difference.