Last week a new ad campaign rolled out featuring actress Mindy Kaling, where she asks the viewer to google “that place where coke tastes so good”. If you are unfamiliar or haven’t seen the ad yet, just like the commercial says, google it, I’ll wait…

That’s right, it’s McDonald’s!

This ad campaign never says the name of the brand once. The ad shows Mindy Kaling in a yellow dress in front of a red background (McDonald’s colors) and mentions some other brands that they are connected with (Coca-cola) but never once in the whole commercial does it mention ‘McDonald’s’. They simply use their online presence and a great long tail keyword to attract people to them.

When you search “that place where coke tastes so good” you’ll find articles from New York Times and giving rave reviews of the advertisements, and with 3.5 million views on Youtube in the last week. McDonald’s is most certainly “lovin’ it”, but let’s take a look a why it works and how you can use a similar strategy for attracting investors.

Now, McDonald’s used quite a few different attract stage techniques in making this ad work, word of mouth, media coverage, social media, and most importantly SEO (search engine optimization).

As I mentioned earlier, they use a great long tail keyword which is one of the keys to good SEO. A long tail keyword is a two or more word phrase that is more specific to a company or niche, it’s less competitive and has a lower search volume, but with 20-25% of searches being “long tail keywords” every day, having a great long tail keyword is very important.

In this case, McDonald’s took a longtail keyword they were already ranking for and used media coverage and social media to shine a light on it. Smart! Having a good brand ambassador like Mindy Kaling, who has been a public supporter of McDonald’s for years now, definitely, helps.

None of these techniques McDonald’s is using are new, but rolling out a big campaign based on things like SEO and keyword research shows that even giant companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s know how truly important they are.

If you are looking for better ways to attract investors with long tail keywords, google “investor conversion optimization”. Go ahead, I’ll wait…