While hosting investor days is great and setting up one-on-ones is imperative, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to connect with investors is through a CEO blog.

Every investor wants access to management, but do you know why? Ultimately, investors want to feel comfortable, they want to connect with the CEO, and they want to get to know them and feel that they can trust them.

We all know that time is a finite resource and it’s impossible for a CEO to meet every individual investor. Likewise, not every investor is able to travel to meet with the CEO of their potential investments.

A CEO blog is a simple yet effective strategy that helps investors feel that level of connection and confidence they need to commit to becoming shareholders. If you’re still not convinced, these top 8 reasons you need a CEO blog for your company may inspire you:

1. A Blog Positions Your Company As a Thought Leader – I’m sure you’ve heard this buzzword in PR, IR, communication, and marketing circles for a while now. To be a “thought leader,” a company puts out high-quality content that demonstrates leadership, trustworthiness, and vision. What better way to prove to potential investors that you know your stuff than through a CEO blog?

2. More Content Builds Confidence – When an investor is considering your company as an investment they’ll often do research. In this process, if they come across an awesome blog with tons of great posts by the company CEO, they’ll be far more confident in committing to invest.

3. Adds Commentary to Press – Sometimes, you’ve got more to say about a material announcement than you can fit in a press release. A CEO blog is a great place to explain the significance behind your latest press or filings.

4. Grow Your Email List – Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated email list chock full of investors interested in YOUR company specifically, without having to pay a third party to reach out to cold leads? Your corporate blog is a great way to build a base of interested leads to nurture, which brings me to the next point…

5. You Can Nurture Potential Investors – If you have investors subscribing to the blog, each post they receive keeps your company at the top of their mind. You never know when that one post you send them may turn them into a committed shareholder.

6. You’ll Rank Higher in Search Engines – Search engines rank sites based on domain authority (and a ton of other variables). By providing high-quality content consistently and using good SEO strategy, your website will rank higher and organically attract potential investors to your company when they’re looking for a new investment opportunity.

7. You Create Connection, Build Trust – Remember, today’s investors want to feel connected to companies they invest in. Your CEO blog is a great way to build that connection and earn their trust.

8. You’ll Gain Feedback – The comment section of your CEO blog provides an excellent forum for investors to tell you how they are feeling, ask questions, and let you know how you can make them happy. You won’t have to guess anymore what actions your shareholders want — you can just go and read their comments.

A candid, entertaining, and informative CEO blog should be the centerpiece of any Inbound IR strategy. For help getting started, contact us today.