A powerful press release is a fantastic inbound investor relations marketing tool for driving interested investors back to your investor conversion optimized IR website where they can be converted into leads, prospects, and shareholders.

Why do that?

Interested investor traffic + Conversion = Liquidity.

Want more liquidity? Increase your interested investor traffic, increase your conversion rates, or both.

Press releases are a great way to increase your interested investor traffic.

According to PR Newswire, there are 50,000+ financial press releases issued every month. That’s almost 2,000 a day.  What does that mean for companies looking to get their story out?

The competition is stiff. As much as most CEOs and IROs pray their press releases are being read, the truth is, most are widely ignored.

Why? Because their headlines are dull, and what’s in the release is often worse. Investors are busy, just like you and I, and I don’t know about you but the last thing I do when I am online looking for information is to click on links that don’t grab my attention.

David Ogilvy, is widely hailed as “The Father of Advertising” and in 1962, Time called him “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.” If we look through his book published in 1963,  Confessions of an Advertising Man, we will find words of wisdom that still ring true today.

Here are a few tips from the Father of Advertising you can use to increase the effectiveness of your press releases.

6 Tips For Potent Headlines


  1. The “headline should appeal to the reader’s self-interest.” Why does the reader care?


  1. As only 20 % read the full article, make sure to ”include the brand name in the headline”.


  1. Use headlines to “arouse their curiosity.”


  1. Don’t use tricky or ‘clever’ headlines because they “don’t stop to decipher the meaning of an obscure headline.”


  1. Don’t “use negatives in headlines.” The reader often misunderstands them.


  1. “Avoid blind headlines” – meaning headlines that only make sense if the reader reads the full body copy.


5 Tips For Potent Body Copy


  1. “Don’t beat about the bush” – get straight to the point you want to make


  1. “Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating.” Be factual, but don’t be a bore. Giving more facts sells more than giving a few facts. And that’s a fact.


  1. Don’t be a poet – only few understand it: “I share Clause Hopkins’ view that ‘fine writing is a distinct disadvantage’”.


  1. “Avoid Bombast”. No one likes people like that. (Bombast = high-sounding language with little meaning, used to impress people.)


  1. Don’t be solemn or pretentious – but “write your copy in the colloquial language which your customers use in everyday conversation.”


So there you have it, 50-year-old tips that are every bit as useful today as the day they were written.

If you want more liquidity, you need more people buying your stock.

Investors buying your stock starts with more of them reading your releases and visiting your site, so attract their attention quickly with a great headline, engage them by getting to the point and using a narrative that adds context, connect using quotes and staying away from corporate speak or technical language, then convert by using a call to action to send them to your site for a blog post, or short CEO video with more narrative relating to the release.

Your company is so much more than filings, financials and news and a great way to help investors see this starts with a strong press release that attracts, engages, connects, and converts.